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The universe cyclically delivers us a kaleidoscope of natural events to maintain our curious wonder for the planet and its myriad of wildlife and nature. Here, we look at some of the upcoming natural events taking place in different corners of the globe that you can experience with Scenic.

Migrating Whales

Sea of Cortez, Baja Coastline of California

November to April

Known to as the ‘Aquarium of the World’ by late French Explorer Jacques Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez is a sea of the Pacific Ocean that separates the Baja Californian peninsula from the mainland of Mexico. It is one of the most biologically diverse marine reserves in the world.

About 1,000 different types of resident and migratory fish can be found here. Between February to April, migrating whales of numerous species pass through the nutrient-rich waters, including fin, humpback, minke, sperm and gray whales – as well as large clusters of mobula rays that leap out of the water, and large gatherings of whale sharks.

The Sea of Cortez features about 244 islands which provides a range of options for guests travelling in ultra-luxury on board Scenic Eclipse. On the 9-Day Sea of Cortez in Depth itinerary, your experienced Captain and expert Discovery Team will tailor your voyage day to day, including regular excursions by Zodiac to spot wildlife up close.

Perhaps you will visit Isla Ángel de la Guarda, one of the largest islands in the Sea of Cortez that is an uninhabited biological reserve. The calm waters are perfect for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Or join the Discovery Team to look for breaching whales in the water with your binoculars from the Observation Deck.

LEFT: Blue Whale, Sea of Cortez; ABOVE: Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Endless Daylight

Arctic Circle

June to August

During the summer months in the Arctic, between June to August, the region is the brightest place on Earth. It’s all due to the planet’s tilted axis. At the North Pole, sunlight abounds all day long for 24 hours until the Summer Solstice. Further south from the North Pole, places like Svalbard, Canada, and Iceland (which is just outside of the Arctic circle) still stay bright after midnight. Thanks to these extended daylight hours, it makes multiple landings via Zodiac a real possibility with our Discovery Team when travelling.

On the 15-Day ultra-luxury Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland itinerary, the Captain of Scenic Eclipse and the Discovery Team will use their expertise to make the most of the long daylight hours, weather and ice conditions to give you the best experience possible in this extraordinary part of the world. Be treated to the prime time for wildlife spotting, with ample opportunities to spot polar bears, walrus, Arctic fox, seals, seabirds, reindeer and several species of whales.

Some of the possible landing sights that you may visit include Ny Ålesund, home to the northernmost post office in the world rich with history, the North East Svalbard Nature Reserve with the highest population of polar bears and walrus, and the North West Spitsbergen National Park, where you will explore magnificent fjords and the enormous Monaco Glacier.

RIGHT: Svalbard

Penguins Galore

South Georgia

November to March

Summer is the most popular time to visit South Georgia and the best time of year to see penguin chicks on the Antarctic peninsula.

At this time of year King Penguin chicks are fledging while juvenile chicks are leaving to go to sea. Visitors can see the Gentoo, Macaroni and Chinstrap chicks who are quickly growing, with the first Macaronis fledging before February.

With the expert Discovery Team of naturalists on board Scenic Eclipse, learn all about the much-loved penguin and its different species. On the 20-Day Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands itinerary, head by Zodiac to get close to the shorelines which are teeming with life, as many species return to the island.

Alight to walk among the world’s largest colony of Macaroni penguins where literally millions can be found. Fin whales are also in residence and humpback numbers continue to grow. Summer is an undeniably exciting time to visit South Georgia in the South Atlantic Ocean.

LEFT: King penguins, South Georgia

Fall Foliage, Canada’s Autumn Leaves


Late September to Early October

Canada’s Eastern coast is awash with shades of gold, orange, red, purple and rusty brown during its autumn or fall season. Known as ‘Fall Foliage’, it’s in Canada’s New England region where you’ll see the most spectacular and colourful display of this natural wilderness spectacular each year.

A journey on the 24-Day Colours of Eastern Canada and New England Cruise with Scenic will take you through the heart of New England to marvel at the photo worthy colourful foliage. As well as larger cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Quebec, journey through other regions where Fall Foliage really turns it on – places such as Halifax, Nova Scotia; Sydney and the Cape Breton Islands National Park.

RIGHT: Ottawa, Canada

Christmas Markets

Vienna, Austria; Cologne and Regensberg, Germany

November and December

Whilst not strictly a ‘natural’ event, Europe’s Christmas markets are nonetheless magical in appearance, thanks to the quintessential snow-covered thatched roofs and church spires that form this time of year, resembling buildings dusted in icing sugar from the heavens. On Scenic’s 15-Day Christmas Markets itinerary, cruising in 5-star luxury on board a Scenic Space-Ship from Budapest to Amsterdam, you will visit not one but many different Christmas markets – in Vienna, Austria; and Cologne and Regensberg, Germany.

Smell the aromas of chestnuts roasting in the night air, taste warm mulled wine and feel like a child again in a fairytale of festivity and pageantry. Christmas time-honoured traditions have been passed down for centuries in these regions. It’s one festive memory you’re likely to treasure forever.

LEFT: Christmas Markets, Vienna, Austria

Amsterdam Tulip and Flower Festival and Expo Floriade 2022


Late March to Mid May

Tulip season in Holland marks the beginning of spring and is one of the most celebrated and colourful natural events in Europe each year. Millions of tulips in the outdoor tulip fields in and around Amsterdam burst forth into bright bloom from late March until about the middle of May each year. The best month to see them is in April.

In 2022, visitors to Amsterdam can also combine their trip with a visit to Expo Floriade 2022 in Almere, just outside of Amsterdam – an event that only happens once every decade, starting on 14 April running through until 9 October, 2022. Travel with Scenic on the 17-Day Romantic Rhine & Moselle with Flourishing Floriade cruise and be taken by local guides to experience it all.

RIGHT: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cherry Blossom Season


Mid March to Early April Cherry Blossom Season

One of the prettiest times of the year to discover Japan is during its famed cherry blossom season in spring, between mid-March and early April. In several locations throughout the country, admire the pink cherry blossoms, known as sakura as you stroll and sit under the shade of the leafy boughs and drink it all in – literally, with cherry blossom drinks made especially for the season.

Travel through Japan on one of Scenic’s handcrafted land journeys during these months and be escorted to the best viewing locations by local guides. The further north in Japan that you travel, the cherry blossom season extends in the northern provinces longer into the month of April.

Alternatively, time your visit for the autumn months for Kōyō, ‘red leaf season’ between mid-November until December, and admire the dazzling rosy reds and burnt oranges of the maple leaves within the lush forests and beautiful parks.

LEFT: Cherry Blossoms, Kyoto, Japan

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