Unrivalled Dining at Sea

With up to 10 dining experiences on board Scenic Eclipse, Corporate Chef Tom Götter is tasked with delivering exceptional culinary moments for each guest – from the casual to the refined. We speak with Chef Tom about new and enhanced dining venues and his team’s approach to their menus.

Culinary Excellence

The meals we savour and the cuisines we explore on any journey often form some of our strongest and fondest memories, of our holidays and the cultural understanding of a destination. Sharing stories with cruising friends on board during lunch, dinner or cocktails; shopping and browsing in local markets with the chefs to learn about ingredients native to the region you’re visiting; or taking part in an interactive masterclass.

These are some of the most treasured guest experiences when cruising in 6-star, ultra-luxury on board Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yachts™.

On board, the culinary team is led by Corporate Executive Chef, Tom Götter. Before joining Scenic, German-born Chef Tom held roles on a number of cruise ships and was a finalist on TV program ‘Top Chef’ in Germany.

Chef Tom and his team presides over creating the menus, world class cuisine across the up to 10 dining experiences on board (including in-suite dining), and providing the Scenic Épicure masterclasses.

Overseeing a team of 38 chefs that originate from more than 15 countries, Chef Tom is proud of his culinary team who have mostly been with him since the first voyage of Scenic Eclipse.

“I see my team as a big family which brings so much diverse experience from all around the world,” says Chef Tom. “By being able to hold the team together, we have created such a great and strong union between us which helps to deliver to the 6-star standards our guests expect.”

The range and scope of culinary operations that Chef Tom manages is impressive, to say the least. With more than 3,000 recipes currently in the on-board dining repertoire (and even more in development), a guest would have to be cruising for more than one and a half months in order to sample every available culinary option.

Innovation drives Chef Tom and team to continually fine tune and expand the culinary offering and provide guests with an unrivalled, multicultural culinary journey during their truly all-inclusive, Discovery Yacht voyage.

ABOVE: Corporate Executive Chef, Tom Götter; LEFT: Chef's Table, Scenic Eclipse; BELOW: Chef's Table, Scenic Eclipse

New bars and culinary spaces on board

Over the past 12 months, Scenic has taken the opportunity to make even more enhancements to the ultra-luxury Discovery Yacht, taking into account guest feedback and making best use of all on board space and areas.

On Deck 7, the Yacht Club has been significantly reimagined to create a more casual and flexible eating option. The previous dining space was extended and a new food island will create a more relaxed dining flow for guests.

“We have a new large sofa lounge to give guests the option of eating in a more casual way than on traditional dining tables. We added a big gelato cooler which will showcase our freshly-made gelato at its finest. Overall, I’m very excited about the new Yacht Club. I imagine it will be a space where guests will mingle, dine or simply ‘hang out’ in one of our brand-new swing chairs and enjoy the views,” said Chef Tom.

The new Panorama Bar has been added on Deck 10, includes new cabanas for guests to recline in.

“Deck 10 will be the ‘place to be’ on lazy sea days, sail ins and outs from beautiful locations and for spotting wildlife. I love the combination of the bar, vitality pools area, sunchairs and cabanas – I truly believe our guests will love this area,” said Chef Tom.

The new Night Market @ Kokos takes its inspiration from night markets and street food dishes from all around Asia, India and the Middle East. “We upscale these dishes with our ‘Scenic Touch,’ as I like to call it. We cook everything in front of our guests on a teppanyaki grill, and a freezing plate for rolled ice cream. Basically, we take you through a journey of 10 courses through the night markets of the world,” says Chef Tom.

RIGHT: Deck 10, Panorama; BELOW: Yacht Club

Innovative New Menus

New Destination Culinary Experiences

Cultivated on Board


“I really love this recipe because this reflects ‘us’ here on Scenic Eclipse. Everybody in the world will tell you that freshly grilled seafood needs to be served with white wine. We truly believe there is always more than just one way. We really want to encourage guests to try new things and this Beer Prawns dish is the perfect example of that." said Chef Tom.


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